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It's Time for a Change

After writing my book, For the Quiet Black Girl: Trying to Find Her Voice in a Predominately White Space, I shifted my mindset and felt I needed to do “all of the things.” I launched Spit Honey, and as I worked to grow my business and promote my book I was being pulled in many different directions. I was promoting my book in one breath and then in the next, I was creating products for my brand.

When I first started out, I wanted Spit Honey to be for everyone, but I soon realized that I needed to focus on uplifting people of color. Why? Because people of color are constantly being told we are not good enough. The lack of positive representation in the media, the absence of our presence in leadership positions, and the failure to tell our stories from our perspective has proven that my work needs to shift. We need to hear positive words that stick to our souls, we need to be surrounded by positive images of people who look like us because if we aren’t we are going to wither away.

My book shares my experience trying to navigate a world that was not built for me. However, if the words that little Black and brown children hear and the images that they see uplift and empower them they will be part of a world that truly embraces who they are. God has called me to focus on one thing – to introduce literature and the value of representation to inspire children of color to feel comfortable in their own skin and live abundantly in their purpose.

#sweetsoulsunday will introduce you to women of color who are positively impacting the world.

#booktiptuesday will provide you with resources, tips, book titles, and anything that will allow people of color to see themselves positively represented.

#whatareyoureadingwednesday will share the amazing books that I have read with my own children that are written by authors of color and/or have protagonists of color.

#librarycrushthursday will showcase a fun, creative, or beautifully designed library - encouraging people to visit one and pick out a great book.

#feelgoodfriday will encourage you to reflect on your week and share something wonderful that happened to you - creating a domino effect of positivity.

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