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I Offended My Own Truth

In my efforts to not offend or make others feel uncomfortable I, in turn, offended my own truths.

Many of us spend a lot of time over thinking. We over analyze situations to the point of no return. We talk ourselves out of whatever it is because we don't value our truth enough. The strength that we possess is not in plain sight, so we hide behind our fears and do not allow our voice to be heard.

For many years I hid. I did no want to stand out too much because bringing attention to myself could cause people to view me the wrong way. I cared a lot about what others thought and I did not want them to think I was causing any trouble. I did not want them to think that I had an attitude or was being aggressive because I saw how "those" women were treated. Instead of paying attention to the women who chose to speak their truths my eyes stayed glue to their oppressors. There were so many men and women who labled, judged, and ridulcued them for having a different perspective and having the guts to share it. If I would have looked at the women, if I would have simply asked them why and how they do what they do, my years of hiding would have been cut short. We often look at the reaction of others instead of the truth teller. The truth teller's story is what we should hold on to because in that story we find the why and the how that we have been looking for.

Allow yourself space and time to create your own narrative. A narrative that feels like home - one that allows you to feel free, as if you were flying above the clouds. When we allow others to dictate our narrative we trick oursleves into thinking that our truth has no value. The truth may not always be pretty but living a lie creates a false sense of reality.

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