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What Level Are You On?

As a teacher more and more I find myself helping my students evaluate how much effort they are giving to a task and the attitude they have while completing it. Are they at a level 4, a level 1, or somewhere in between? A level 4 is the ideal position. You are giving all you have and learning from the challenges you encounter. At a level 1 you could care less - giving little to no effort. In addition to their effort my students must assess their attitude. Are they telling themselves they can't do it before they even begin? Are they engaging in negative self talk as soon they hit a hurdle? As I teach my students to have this mindset I realize I need to train myself to have the same thought process on a more consistent basis. When we get wrapped up in this "adulting" thing we can forget that it is necessary to take a moment to breathe + reflect. I often find myself going through my routine without actually putting any real effort into the things that I am doing. I have gotten so comfortable with the day to day that little to no thought is being put out into the world. My attitude is no exception. I will smile and nod, but I am not always fully present. I feel myself just trying to get by. We need to ask ourselves, what are we willing to give and what is our mindset along the journey? Our mindset affects our ability to spit honey, so it is important that we consistently evaluate our attitude and effort. What level are you on?

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