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So my son got a lollipop maker for Christmas. We have made lollipops a few times since then, but this past weekend while we created some for him and his sister he said, "Mom, I want to make these lollipops for my friends. I want to make them and then deliver them." I immediately thought, oh crap I really don't want to do this, but he then said, "You know, because it will make them feel good." *sigh* Needless to say we have been making lollipops. I am not sure how many we will make, hopefully not much more, but my five year old has shown me what it means to spit honey. I clearly did not tell him he needed to do this, but something inside of him told him he should. He didn't do it because he would get something in return, he did it because he wanted someone else to feel good. He gets it. Spit Honey.

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