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Hi, I'm Aundrea Tabbs-Smith!

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I help educators revamp their classroom library and restructure their curriculum so that people of color are celebrated and centered. 

Spit Honey Creator, Aundrea Tabbs-Smith

Inspirational Book

For the Quiet Black Girl: Trying to Find Her Voice in a Predominately White Space is Smith's powerful statement about how she responded to covert and overt displays of racism. This book can be read and appreciated by its target audience—girls and women of color—and others who have been questioned, targeted, and challenged because of their gender and/or race.


Smith wrote this collection of personal short stories because she needed to find her own voice. She needed to release the hurt, the confusion, and the disconnect that she felt for a long time. This book was a necessary part of her healing, and she knows that she is not alone in what she has experienced. Smith hopes that after reading this if you have ever felt like your voice was not strong enough or worthy enough, you will toss those thoughts to the side and proclaim that you are enough. There are too many stories of young Black and brown girls hiding their true selves for fear of being rejected, for fear of being labeled, and for fear of not belonging. Smith encourages everyone to put all of those fears to the side and use your voice even if it shakes as the words are released from your mouth.


To order your copy of For the Quiet Black Girl: Trying to Find Her Voice in a Predominately White Space, please click here

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Spit Honey

(v) to speak words that lovingly stick to a person's soul.

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